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Tawawn Lowe Enterprises is a woman-and minority-owned Maryland based multifaceted organization focused on assisting individuals with maximizing their full potential; and providing organizations with learning solutions that create a learning culture that supports performance improvements to achieve superior business results. TLE is also the umbrella for Tawawn Lowe Consultancy consulting and mentoring program dedicated to helping women rewrite their life script; and the home of the Women Walking in Their Own Shoes™ Movement.

As a comprehensive consulting, coaching, and training company, we provide services to individuals; and organizations of all sizes, from small business to government. Tawawn Lowe Enterprises partners with individual and corporate clients to deliver customized solutions that contribute to personal and professional excellence and success.

Who Is Tawawn Lowe

vision board certTawawn’s purpose and mission is to re-ignite the very essence of YOU! To provide you with the “TLC” needed to grow and transform into the person you were created to be.

Tawawn Lowe is the CEO of Tawawn Lowe Enterprises (TLE), an Amazon #1 bestselling author, certified life coach and vision board instructor, speaker, and trainer specializing in personal and professional development growth. She has combined her formal education, 25+ years of professional experiences coach, counselor, facilitator, mediator, mentor, trainer with her personal experience to be a catalyst for assisting individuals (specifically women) and organizations with maximizing their potential and achieving personal and professional results.

As a professional speaker, Tawawn has served as keynote speaker, led seminars and workshops and participated on panels to audience across the nations. She has spoken to diverse audiences at women’s retreats, conferences, corporations, government and non-profit organizations. Tawawn has presented as an expert on navigating change, being the CEO of your life, and the importance of using your personal power to recreate yourself and life at the Divorce Expo, as well as various blog talk radio shows.

Living almost half her life believing somebody else’s limited belief about her life, and navigating several major life changes, Tawawn has gain plenty of intel and experience on the power of personal and professional transformation. She understands that we have the POWER to turn the course of our lives around to live a more gratifying and purposeful life. Her personal transformation is a testament that you too can re-invent yourself and rewrite your life’s script. Tawawn believes in seconds chances, that life can be a do-over, and she is the consultant/coach with just the right TLC to assist you with recreating the next chapters of your life!

Tawawn uses her signature transformation program, the Business of You™ and other programs to assist women who are ready and committed to creating a new vision for their lives, discovering what they want, and creating an action plan to achieve the results and success their desire.

In October 2012, Tawawn Lowe Enterprises expanded their mission and launched the movement Women Walking in their Own Shoes (WWITOS)™. The Movement is a call to action for women to step outside the status quo about women roles, that perplexing barrier that once excluded women from creating their lives on their own terms.

October is Women Walking in Their Own Shoes™ month. Tawawn serves as the host and keynote speaker of a two-day Summit where she gather like-minded women in a scared place to empower, equip, and too address the stereotypes and obstacles that causes women to misstep step and not reach their full potential personally or professionally. She brings together amazing women who are experts in their industry, to share their stories, life lessons, and too provide information and strategies for women to develop, grow and achieve the personal and professional success they desire.

Helping people transform their lives is Tawawn’s passion. She knows far too well what it means to live life under the radar not believing in yourself, that your life has no purpose, or you have nothing worthwhile to share with this world. Through her coaching programs, workshops and the WWITOS™ Movement Tawawn is helping women say YES, to their purpose, passion, and power.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Beyond Elegant Events would like to give special thanks to Tawawn Lowe for hosting our holiday mix. She was an amazing host and speaker – who was able to keep the audience thoroughly engaged! Her harmonious personality and genuine spirit is what sets Ms. Lowe apart from other speakers. This alone makes Ms. Lowe an incredible and highly-charismatic speaker. We highly recommend her to our clients and followers – and will definitely be using her at upcoming events. Thank you Tawawn!! You totally rock!”

Bonita Parker,
Owner & Sr. Event Specialist at www.bonitaparker.com

"Tawawn you are a no nonsense, tell it like its speaker (what we need) who is passionate about your mission to help women live up to their God given potential. When I asked and entrusted you to speak for Get to the Root, I knew the women would be inspired and encouraged. I couldn’t believe it, for weeks after the women were still talking about “Look into the Mirror.” You made us uncomfortable, challenged us to go deep, look hard, not to be scared,... " Read More
Tracy Queen,
Get to the Root Ministry

"There are no words which could express our sincerest appreciation for the powerful life changing workshop Tawawn Lowe presented at our New Day Celebration in January 2012.

Many of our attendees were very complimentary and educated on the Power of Visualization and - Goal Setting for personal and professional success. Ms. Lowe presentation was very thorough and life enriching for those attendance. We were so thrilled with her workshop that we were blessed to have done a Part II Teleconference Workshop which was a huge success." Read More

Caroline Washington, Founder-Executive Director
www.sisters4sisters, Inc

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